Jonathan Powell

Jonathan W. Powell, CGFM, PMP, Security+, is an adjunct professor at UMBC. A former submarine officer, Mr. Powell has led complex engagements for military, federal and intelligence agencies. His articles have also been published in “PM Network” and “Contract Management.” Mr. Powell serves on the board of the Montgomery County Revenue Authority and is a member of the State of Maryland’s Cybersecurity Council. A graduate of the FBI’s Citizens Academy, he holds a B.S. from USNA and an MBA from the University of Maryland.


List of CrossTalk articles:

Getting to Understand Some of the Operations and Maintenance Drivers of Cost (Jul/Aug 2017)

Abstract. The overall theme for this issue is Operations and Maintenance (O&M). This article will look at specific cost drivers, including licensing, design and documentation, replenishment planning, data collection, and impacts of the operational environment. It will then look at tools to reduce cost and improve availability. It will close ...

The Capability Conundrum (Jan/Feb 2016)

Abstract. In the foreseeable future, humans remain key to software systems development. Therefore, emphasis should be placed on how we maximize both the potential and productivity of what is in fact the most critical element of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Introduction Four years ago in this Journal I ...