David A. Cook

David A. Cook, Ph.D. Stephen F. Austin State University cookda@sfasu.edu

List of CrossTalk articles:

Backtalk: The True Cost of Operation and Maintenance (May/Jun 2017)

A long, long time ago, in a country far, far away, there lived a Mighty Kqwing. The Mighty King was happy, as his computing needs were very simple. What simple programs he needed to run his kingdom could be punched up on less than 2000 punch cards. When the programs ...

ADA: A Failure that Never Happened (Jan/Feb 2017)

Abstract. “The major cause of the software crisis is that the machines have become several orders of magnitude more powerful! To put it quite bluntly: as long as there were no machines, programming was no problem at all; when we had a few weak computers, programming became a mild problem, ...