Charles Wallen

has been a thought leader in operations and IT risk management for over 20 years. He has provided consulting to public and private organizations, led industry-wide initiatives, and managed global operations risk management and governance programs at American Express and Bank of America.   Charles works closely with the CERT Division of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff. His work at CERT focuses on resilience management, external dependency risk management, and critical infrastructure protection. He is a Principal with Spectrum Consulting Services, in Dallas, Texas, which he formed in 2004. Spectrum provides management consulting to a variety of industries, specializing in operations risk management, cybersecurity, business continuity, supplier oversight, and governance.

List of CrossTalk articles:

Assessing DoD System Acquisition Supply Chain Risk Management (May/Jun 2017)

Abstract. Defense capabilities are supported by complex supply chains. This is true for weapons systems and large “systems of systems” that enable force projection — for example, a weapons system like the F-35 Fighter. It is also true for service supply chains — for example, the array of private logistics ...