Theresa Lynn Sanderfer Brown

Lynn Brown has worked with software for more than 20 years and received her master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama, a school known for its accomplishments in science and technology. Most recently, Lynn worked as a lead in software safety evaluations for the Army Navy Transportable 2 (ANTPY-2) radar. Lynn is a certified quality engineer, holds A+ certification, and has a degree in electrical engineering. She aspires to become a certified software quality engineer. A native of Athens, Alabama, Lynn enjoys dance, art and her work in the ministry.

List of CrossTalk articles:

Principles of Software Testing (Jul/Aug 2017)

Abstract. There is a myth that if we were really good at programming, there would be no bugs to catch. This is not true. In this paper, I will discuss fundamentals of software testing that expel some of these myths. I will then discuss some specific software testing techniques. What ...