Jaime Johnson

Mr. Jamie Johnson, is a Software Developer at EOIR Technologies. He has worked with the Intelligence Community for the past eight years as a Department of Defense Civilian Employee and as a Civilian Contractor. Most recently he has worked on cloud scale search and indexing technologies for the DCGS-A Standard Clouds integrated data store. He received a Masters in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University. E-mail: jjohnson@eoir.com

List of CrossTalk articles:

Integration of Big Data: Misconceptions, Problems, and Needed Capabilities (Jul/Aug 2017)

Abstract. The authors have been working on the problems of data integration for a number of years, in particular, integration of what is called Big Data – data defined by Gartner's famous three V's: volume, velocity and variety. Based on our experience and interactions with both customers and vendors, we ...

Ontology for the Intelligence Analyst (Nov/Dec 2012)

Abstract As available intelligence data and information expand in both quantity and variety, new techniques must be deployed for search and analytics. One technique involves the semantic enhancement of data through the creation of what are called ontologies or controlled vocabularies. When multiple different bodies of heterogeneous data are tagged ...